What is Open Sky Unlimited, Inc. ?
Open Sky Unlimited, Inc. is a Christian outreach ministry established to cooperate with a variety of individuals, ministries, and organizations to engage in preaching, teaching, training, Christian program development, as well as pre-evangelistic, evangelistic, social and humanitarian outreach.

Our Core Value and beliefs are based on Jesus Christ as the cornerstone of faith and the only way and means that man can be saved from eternal destruction, based on Acts 4:8-11.

Our primary missions focus is to gain the attention of, identify with, and relate to the disconnected person, without compromising the integrity of our relationship with Jesus Christ. This includes, but is not limited to people groups including the over-the-road truck driver and the American cowboy, as well as a broad range of equine enthusiasts from the race track to the arena.  Paul said in 1 Corinthians 9:22, 'I become all things to all men that I may by all means save some'.

Our introductory statement, a fore-runner message to the Gospel of Jesus Christ is, 'turning the hearts of the fathers to the children and the children to the fathers'. As we responsibly steward the delivery of this word, we hope that God will ‘prick the heart’,  much like he used John the Baptist’s message, to prepare for the way of Jesus Christ into the life of the resistant individual referenced in Luke 1:17.

Our cultural influence is our uniqueness that is wrapped in the warmth of the western way, flavored with a touch of cowboy, and seasoned with a special appreciation for God’s magnificent creature - the horse.

Our secondary missions focus is to preach, teach, and practice living out the hope of life - Jesus Christ within us - in local churches, cowboy churches, to equine and horse racing enthusiasts, and to all others we may encounter in our daily lives.

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The Fast Horse Project is an outreach of Open Sky
Unlimited, Inc., a  501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation

The Fast Horses Project, operating under the umbrella of Open Sky Unlimited, Inc., has a four part initiative.

The first part is to sound the trumpet, calling all men, women, and children to be aware of the destructive influences that fatherlessness releases on society and the poisonous effect it will have for generations to come, unless its runaway course is intercepted.

The second part is to initiate a lasting change of heart that begins to turn the destructive wind of fatherlessness away, that all might have the opportunity to embrace and to experience the value and life sustaining influence of a sound, healthy father-child or father figure-child relationship. That can be initiated through experiencing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He is the answer that will restore the fatherless beyond what the best of fathers could have done.

The third part is to inspire all to begin to take personal responsibility to reach for, to support, and to take action to restore broken relationships through the use of resources, training, and services that are available through like-minded individuals and organizations.

The fourth part is to commit to future generations to finish the fight - to reverse the curse of fatherlessness on our nation.

What is the Fast Horses Project ?
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