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[THE SEER continued] ...did not have a father actively involved in their life. Today that number has increased to nearly 34%. We are quickly approaching a social dysfunction threshold of no return-unless radical steps are taken-to reverse the fatherless trend.

The Fast Horses Project family is committed to reclaiming America's hope by calling every man, woman, and child to make a 360 degree turn and to press onward to rewrite history by each one embracing the responsibility to restore father, child, and family relationships.

Our vision, in cooperation with other like-minded individuals and organizations, is to turn the heart of our nation, one heart at a time. It starts with you and me.

Take the first step by checking out some of the organizations that provide rich resources and life- changing training for the fathering challenges you face.  They are listed under Resources.

The Sage was actually a man named Malachi and his message of 'turning hearts' was recorded in the last chapter and verse of the Old Testament in The Bible.
Is it possible, that more than 2400 years ago, Malachi was given a picture in his mind's eye of the solution for today's fatherlessness?

The Fast Horse Project is an outreach of Open Sky
Unlimited, inc., a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation
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